DEC Founder Presents AOC EW/Cyber Awards to AFIT Grads

Each year the Kittyhawk Chapter sponsors two academic awards for the graduating class at AFIT here at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.  This year’s ceremony was on Thursday, March 23, 2017 on the AFIT campus at Wright-Patterson AFB.  The two academic award recipients are competitively selected by the AFIT faculty and the content of their work pertains to the Electronic Warfare profession as noted in the award titles. The attached photos show this year’s winners accepting their awards and a cash check from Mr. Jim Utt of Defense Engineering Corporation (DEC).  The first award, presented to Capt Scott J. Lefgren, is for Academic Research Excellence in Electronic Defense.  The second award, presented to Capt Christopher M. Talbot, is for Academic Research Excellence in Information Superiority.  Please join all of us at Kittyhawk AOC in congratulating these two fine officers.

Capt Scott J. Lefgren, Author of “Classification of Matched Filtered Replicated Signals in Interference Using Radio Frequency Distinct Native Attributes

Capt Christopher M. Talbot, Author of “Securing Insteon Home Automation Networks Using Slope-Based FSK (SB-FSK) Fingerprinting”

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