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Smart Sensors

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Smart Sensors

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Don’t cable your high-bandwidth sensors to a server chassis. Embed the real time computing and storage hardware at the sensor head. We’ve developed REX deeply embeddable COTS high performance computing modules based on Xilinx Zynq® SOC technology. The 2” x 2” form factor, high bandwidth I/O, and scalability deliver the power you need in a small SWAP envelope. Compatible flash memory modules enable real-time recording of up to 6 Terabytes of sensor data. Standard external I/O modules provide interfaces such as CameraLink and Gigabit Ethernet. Internal I/O modules are currently available for Illunis OEM camera cores. We will cheerfully develop custom internal/external I/O boards to customer specification. Likewise, the interface standard is available to sensor vendors who want to integrate this technology into their own systems.




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