DEC sponsors local theater production of the musical ‘Big Fish’


Epiphany Players prepare ‘Big Fish’

Church in Centerville emphasizes the whimsical wonders of storytelling as it presents librettist John August and songwriter Andrew Lippa’s 2013 stage adaptation of “Big Fish,” the organization’s 26th annual summer musical slated July 14-24.

Based on the 1998 novel of the same name by Daniel Wallace and the 2003 screenplay by August, “Big Fish” concerns Edward Bloom of Alabama, a traveling salesman who loves to spin tale tales of his adventures with witches, giants, mermaids and more. But when Edward’s son, Will, desires to separate fact from fiction, their bond is put to the test. Read more



‘Big Fish’ Review – Epiphany Lutheran Church – Tall Tales Terrifically Told

There’s no one like Edward Bloom, the traveling salesman and small town savior from Alabama who crossed paths with witches, mermaids, werewolves, and giants. His life sounds totally far-fetched, but getting to know the man behind the myths is great fun as seen in Epiphany Lutheran Church’s absolutely heartwarming local premiere of librettist John August and composer Andrew Lippa’s 2013 adaptation of “Big Fish.”
The 26th annual summer musical presentation of the Epiphany Players Drama Ministry, “Big Fish” is a whimsical account based on the 1998 novel of the same name by Daniel Wallace and the acclaimed 2003 Tim Burton film written by August. The relatively easygoing yet ailing Edward, happily married to the former Sandra Templeton, is thrown for a loop when his son Will presses him for answers to the fascinating tall tales he’s heard since he was a child. In his attempt to appease the soon-to-be-married Will, Edward proudly recalls his glory days, but his trips down memory lane are not without heartache or disagreement. As Edward nears the end of his life, Will, expecting a child of his own, ultimately grasps the importance of his wife Josephine’s reminder that “if you understand the stories, you’ll understand the man.” Read more


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